General Info - You Only Live Twice (1967)

As happened before, the series did not take its planned course with the production of On Her Majesty's Secret Service after Thunderball. Instead a trip to the Far East was envisaged for 007 in You Only Live Twice. For the first time the Fleming novel of the same name was abandonned to provide, instead, a film of epic proportions between the Superpowers and SPECTRE in outer space. Also a first was the non-involvement of Richard Maibaum in the screenplay - the honours being left to to pen of Roald Dahl, who did not disappoint. The only question - would Bond live twice in the form of Sean Connery?

The Plot

During normal space flights, both U.S. and Soviet rockets disappear under mysterious circumstances. Whilst each side blames the other and threaten nuclear war, British intelligence suggests that the perpetrator could be operating from Japan - Bond is sent there to investigate. He allies with Japanese Secret Service head, Tiger Tanaka, and they find that it is SPECTRE once more who is causing all the bother. Bond becomes Japanese (through cosmetic changes) and "marries" Kissy Suzuki, one of Tanaka's agents. They "honeymoon" in a remote fishing village where, nearby, they find that SPECTRE is sending rockets up into space, from a dormant volcano, capturing either a U.S. or Soviet rocket then returning. Bond, Tanaka and his army infiltrate the volcano to discover that Blofeld himself is behind it all - the first time Bond his met this menace in the flesh. Blofeld informs 007 that he has fired another rocket intending to start this likely war between East and West so that he will be the only power left to dominate. With minutes left, Bond and his men make an assault on the base against Blofeld's men who are soon beaten. The threat is ended but Blofeld escapes to wreak havoc once more...

Budget: $9.5m - Gross: $111.6m - Fastrac007 Rating: 83%

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