Soundtrack - The Spy Who Loved Me (1977)

And now for something completely different, or so the Monty Python saying goes... This score would be unlike anything heard before. For a start, and only for the second time in the series, John Barry was not the creative genius behind the score. For this film, the honour went to Marvin Hamlisch, an Oscar-winning composer. Instead of the more classic tones of the Barry score, Hamlisch would provide a beaty tune that, although seemingly dated now, is still quite dynamic.

Despite the very contemporary nature of the score, the only memorable theme was the instant hit "Nobody Does It Better", sung by Carly Simon. A timeless classic, "Nobody Does It Better" earned an Oscar nomination, but lost out at the hands of Star Wars and the work of John Williams.

Themes of note in the score incluce "Bond 77 (James Bond Theme)", which is a very disco-esque piece, and which many consider very dated nowadays... I do not, however, and think it is fine and makes a nice, different, addition to the series of themes. "The Tanker" instills an immediate feeling of dread, with the hard beat of the tune whereas "Anya" could not be softer by comparison.

This is a very mixed bag indded, but not in terms of quality, but in terms of the range of themes you get. They range from almost classical to comtemporary, depending on the speed of the film at the time. Not the best, but not the worst by a long chalk.

The Spy Who Loved Me Original Motion Picture Soundtrack produced and conducted by Marvin Hamlisch. Title song written by Carole Bayer Sager and performed by Carly Simon.

Nobody Does It Better
M. Hamlisch - C. Bayer Sager
Bond 77 (James Bond Theme)
M. Hamlisch
Ride To Atlantis
M. Hamlisch
Mojave (sic) Club
M. Hamlisch
Nobody Does It Better (Instrumental)
M. Hamlisch
Anya (sic)
M. Hamlisch
The Tanker
M. Hamlisch
The Pyramids
M. Hamlisch
Eastern Lights
M. Hamlisch
M. Hamlisch
End Titles - Nobody Does It Better
M. Hamlisch - C. Bayer Sager
Total length


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