Top James Bond Facts You Have To Know

Top James Bond Facts You Have To Know

If you love James Bond, you’ll love the information we have here.  Did you know all these?

There are a few characters that are as beloved and iconic as James Bond. The fictional British Secret Service agent has captured the imagination of countless fans around the world. This article is all about James Bond, as it lists down ten James Bond facts that you have to know:

  1. He Has Killed a Lot of People

One of the more interesting James Bond information is the number of people that he has killed in the movies. With six iterations of Bond spanning 24 films, it is not surprising that Agent 007 has killed a lot of people. In fact, he has taken the lives of more than 362 individuals from his first flick Dr. No up to his latest outing, Spectre.   While that number sounds like a lot, it is still fewer than another action hero in John Rambo who killed more than 400 people in just four movies.

  1. He is a True Blue Casanova

The British spy is a true blue Casanova who can seduce any woman into the bedroom. The so-called Bond girls who have fallen for Agent 007 are known to be beautiful.  Throughout the entire Bond series, the smooth-talking agent has been able to bed more than 50 women.

  1. The Name Was Lifted from a Bird Expert

Ian Fleming, the British author who created the character in 1953, derived the name from American ornithologist James Bond. The latter was a Caribbean bird expert whose name sounded mundane but very masculine to Fleming. In an article that appeared in the newspaper The New Yorker in 1962, Fleming said James Bond was the dullest name he had ever heard.

  1. The Bond Theme Music Was Originally Intended for a Musical

You don’t need to be an audiophile to know the iconic James Bond theme music. But the famous piece was originally intended for a musical theatre adaptation. Composer Monty Roman, who did the score for the first Bond movie “Dr. No” turned it into the Bond theme after it didn’t make into the theatre adaptation of the novel “A House for Mr. Biswas.”  Roman’s work was arranged by John Barry, who added electric guitar  to make the score funkier.

  1. Sean Connery’s Pay Check Was Record-Breaking

The first actor to portray the British spy was Sean Connery. He starred in the first five Bond flicks before relinquishing the role to George Lazenby for the movie “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service.” But he returned for the seventh instalment of the franchise dubbed “Diamonds are Forever” which was released in 1971.

A good reason why Connery agreed to rehash his role was his massive $1.25 million salary for the movie. It may seem small today, but that amount was big at that time it even made the Guinness World Records. Connery donated the money to a charity he founded, the Scottish International Education Trust.

  1. There’s a James Bond Island

There’s a James Bond island in Phuket, Thailand. The island was where the 1974 flick “The Man with the Golden Gun” was shot. During the time of the shooting, said island was remote and isolated. In fact, crew members had to pass through pirate-inhabited waters just to be able to reach the island. But after the movie came out, the island became a major tourist attraction.

  1. The Man Who Makes Bond Gadgets Has a Name

Bond fans may know the guy behind Agent 007’s gadgets as Q, which stands for Quartermaster. For the uninitiated, quartermaster pertains to a military officer who supplies materials to troop members. But in the novels, Q is known as Major Boothroyd. This character has appeared in almost every Bond flick except for a few titles—Live and Let Die, Quantum of Solace, and Casino Royale.

  1. Two US Presidents are Known Fans

Two popular post-war U.S. leaders are known to be fans of the super agent —John F. Kennedy and Ronald Ragan. In fact, Kennedy publicly declared that “From Russia with Love” was one of his favourite books. This prompted producers to make the book the second Bond movie.

Reagan, on the other hand, appeared in a TV promo for the movie “Octopussy.” In the said promo, Reagan called Bond a “modern-day version of great heroes.”

  1. Bond Songs Have Been Chart-Toppers

Some of the Bond songs that have made it to the Billboard top 10 are “A View to a Kill” by Duran Duran, “Live and Let Die” by Paul McCartney and Wings, “Die Another Day” by Madonna, and “Skyfall” by Adele.

  1. Licence to Kill Had Many Titles

There were many titles considered for the 1989 flick “Licence to Kill.”  It was originally called Licence Revoked but was renamed because Americans thought it was about DMV.  In Japan, the movie was known as “The Cancelled License” while in Italy it was known as “Private Revenge.”

Indeed, Agent 007 is an interesting and intriguing character as shown by these James Bond facts.


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