General Info - The Man With The Golden Gun (1974)

Because of the continuing feud between Harry Saltzman and Albert R. Broccoli (they would eventually split after this film) The Man With The Golden Gun, Bond's second outing in the Far East, would be beset with problems and challenges. Away from the politics, Roger Moore and Christopher Lee duel both with guns and with words as Bond becomes embroiled in a saga involving the captive lover of Francisco Scaramanga, Andrea Anders, and the Solex Agitator, a device which, in the right hands, can use the sun to generate electrical power. Along the way, Bond is helped by colleagues from home and abroad. Problem is, the Sheriff is back!

The Plot

Competition has hotted up between the world powers hoping to get their hands on the Solex Agitator, an ingenius device that turns the sun's radiation into electricity. Of course James Bond is assigned to find it for MI6, only there is something else on his mind... after receiving a golden bullet, supposedly from a famed assassin, Scaramanga or "The Man With The Golden Gun" with "007" stamped into it, Bond is now believed to be a target. In reality, it was Scaramanga's mistress, Andrea Anders, who sent it in the hope that Bond would relieve her of her "captor". Assigned to work with Mary Goodnight, an idiot of an agent, to get the Solex Agitator (which is now in Scaramanga's hands after its inventor, Gibson, was killed by the assassin), Bond ends up in the Far East. He is lured into a head-to-head duel with Scaramanga on his island where he is told that the assassin wants to sell the device to the highest bidding nation and watch the money pour in. The duel takes place, which Bond manages to win more from intelligence than from shooting skill, he gets the Solex Agitator and leaves the island peacefully, with the exception of a fight with Nick Nack, with Goodnight on Scaramanga's junk.

Budget: $7m - Gross: $98m - Fastrac007 Rating: 57%

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