Seven Memorable James Bond Gadgets

Seven Memorable James Bond Gadgets

James Bond is one of the most iconic movie characters of all time. Get to know the most memorable gadgets in James Bond movies right here.

James Bond has been synonymous not only with beautiful women but also with high-tech devices.

You’d be hard pressed to find a movie which didn’t show the suave agent using a gadget to track down a bad guy or to save his own life. Here is a listing of some of the best Bond gadgets:

  1. The cellphone in Tomorrow Never Dies

“Tomorrow Never Dies”  released in 1997 may not be the best flick in the entire Bond film franchise but it showed some of the best gadgets in the series. One of those is the cellphone that can scan fingerprints, and then use them. It also featured a 20,000 volt taser and an electronic lock pick built into a detachable antenna. Moreover, it opens up in the middle to show a touch pad control system for Bond’s BMW 7540iL.

  1. The watches

James Bond has tons of watches that can do a lot of things. The first watch functioned as a Geiger counter in the movie “Thuderball.”  Another watch in the movie “Never Say Never gain” featured a laser cutting control, which was also in display in the flick “Goldeneye.”

Roger Moore’s Bond flicks also had a lot of gadget watches. In the movie “Live and Let Die” the time piece had a rotating saw which the spy used to escape capture. In the flick “The Spy Who Loved Me,” the watch was able to receive MI6 messages. In “For Your Eyes Only,” it featured a digital receiver allowing the suave agent to read messages on the watch.

In “The World is Not Enough,” Pierce Brosnan had a grappling hook watch which the character used in escaping death. In “Tomorrow Never Dies” Bond’s time wear also served as a detachable explosive.

  1. Rocket Launchers

Rocket launchers have helped Bond in eliminating his foes and saving his own life. The Quartermaster likes to put rocket launchers into mundane things, which also come in handy for the super-agent. The first hidden rocket launcher was shown in the movie “You Only Live Twice” where it was integrated into a cigarette.

The gadget made a return in the movie “The Living Daylights”  where it was shown being tested by Q in a laboratory.

  1. The Briefcase

The briefcase shown in the movie “From Russia with Love” is considered the very first real gadget that Bond used in the movies. It contained hidden straps with 50 Gold Sovereigns, a throwing knife concealed inside the latch release, and a sniper rifle with infrared sight. It also had 20 rounds of ammunition stuck in its bottom. It would also explode if it is opened incorrectly. Throughout the series, several variations of the briefcase have come in handy for Bond and helped save his life.

  1. The Lotus Esprit

This car appeared in the movie “The Spy Who Loved Me.” It’s a car that turns into a submarine. Its wheels folds in, with four hydroplanes folding out to let the agent have control of the submarine.  It had mud/ink/cement sprays that can come in handy on the road, as well as other weapons like torpedoes and surface-to-air missiles. It can also morph back to land mode.

  1. Multi-Touch Table

The recent Bond films have not been featuring gadgets as much as the older flicks, but Quantum of Solace showed a multi-touch screen that is about the size of an entire table. In this gadget, Bond’s boss M can spun around documents and drill down on files by poking them. She could also scan papers by placing them on the surface of the table.

  1. Ashton Martin DB5

The classic Bond car was most recently seen in the film franchise reboot Casino Royale. It was first seen on Goldfinger and is considered the most complete car that Bond ever received from Q. Only a few James Bond gadgets are as well-known as this car, which is bullet-proof and has hidden machine guns behind its sidelights. Its hydraulic bumper can also be harnessed as a battering ram.  All defense tools can be accessed from the center console of the car. Moreover, it has an ejector seat.

These seven best Bond gadgets have made Bond and his films memorable through the years.

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