General Info - On Her Majesty's Secret Service (1969)

With George Lazenby replacing Sean Connery as 007, it seemed that Bond would get a revitalisation. In some aspects it did, such as the more involved storyline, yet the film grossed over $30m less than its predecessor. The formula had been altered (the gadgetry was minimalised) and had failed partly because of it. Lazenby, upon announcing that he would only do one film, turned On Her Majesty's Secret Service into an odd-ball immediately, and it is only recently that fans have come to like the film for what it is - a ripping duel between Bond and Blofeld.

The Plot

Bond, whilst relentlessly seeking Blofeld, saves Tracy di Vicenzo from suicide. He finds out that she is the daughter of the strongest crime kingpins in Europe, Marc Ange Draco. He proposes that if Bond tames his daughter through marriage, he will help him find Blofeld. Bond goes half-way and decides to date her instead. Meanwhile Blofeld is up to his tricks again... he wants his claim to his family name verified by the Royal College of Arms. Bond goes to Blofeld's hideout at Piz Gloria posing as Sir Hilary Bray (from the Royal College) to investigate. Bond is soon exposed and, as is the fashion, is presented with Blofeld's masterplan, to hold the world ransom with the threat of biological warfare unless his title is recognised and his past crimes forgotten. This was to be done through his "Angels of Death" (women scattered across the globe who are hypnotised and ready to receive his command to spread the germs). Via a cable car, Bond escapes and meets Tracy. They are chased by Blofeld's men but only 007 gets away, Tracy is taken back to Blofeld. Draco co-ordinates a rescue raid with Bond to Piz Gloria. They succeed in destroying the hideout and Tracy is duly found but Blofeld escapes. In a long bobsleigh chase, Bond follows Blofeld and eventually kills him.... or so he thinks.

Budget: $7m - Gross: $80m - Fastrac007 Rating: 77%

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