Women - Moonraker (1979)

Dr. Holly Goodhead: Bond's main love in this mission is Dr. Holly Goodhead with whom he allies to investigate Drax's operations. Played by Lois Chiles, the role of Goodhead is somewhat drab and boring by comparison to previous Bond women - being a fully trained astronaut - yet Chiles displays a rather stunning appearance nonetheless. Goodhead works for the CIA, and is posted with Bond to help discover the goings on at Drax Industries. They spand a lot of their time apart, seemingly working against each other, but they eventaully pool their resources and are much more successful as a result. This part is more like that of Major Anya Amasova in The Spy Who Loved Me, rather than the more useless part of, say, Tiffany Case in Diamonds Are Forever. As a result, Goodhead is mich more resourceful and can even take men on in a fight, having been trained at Vassar too!

Corinne Dufour: Despite being the film's "sacrificial lamb" the part of Dufour (Corinne Clery) is more clear-cut and accessible, if somewhat naïve. She is Drax's personal assistant, but instantly gets his wrath when he discovers that she has guided Bond into his study to analyse his plans. She pays the ultimate price for helping 007 by being run down by Drax's dobermans in a forest - in perhaps one of the most haunting scenes in the whole series.

Manuela: Working with Station VH as an agent in Rio, Manuela follows Bond from the airport to his hotel and makes contact immediately. She advses Bodn, but prefers to succumb to his charms just as easily... Later, they go to investigate the Carlos & Wilmsberg warehouse in the city, a firm owned by Drax. Manuela, while waiting for Bond to return from the warehouse, is approached by jaws. No attempt is made to fend off Jaws, there isn't even a scream, despite the fact that thousands would have heard her in the streets nearby. She waits for bond to rescue her, but there is little need really - he is whisked away a crowd that has just left a nearby club.

Conclusion: Bland, damned and tanned. An ample description of the three named here. Luckily it goes a little further. Dr. Holly Goodhead is, despite the blandness, a rather deep character, having been trained more-or-less everywhere. Corinne is not allowed to display any real features, besides her assets, and ends up getting killed because neither Drax, nor the scriptwriters, have any great use for her after that. Manuela is just Manuela - perhaps the easiest "pull" Bond has encountered. Yup, another three to go on the tally.


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