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After the blockbusting success of The Spy Who Loved Me the producers had a problem... how can we top that? For Your Eyes Only was penned in to succeed that film, but it was decided that it was time for Bond to venture into space... "Up and Beyond". So, for Lewis Gilbert's third Bond film, you wouldn't get anything less but another action-packed extravaganza...

Not only was Bond back, so was Jaws but, in a popular twist of fate that would endear him to even more people, he changes sides to prevent the villainous Drax from accomplishing his dream - and all because he didn't look right!

The Plot

Bond is assigned to find out what happened when one of the Moonraker shuttles is mysteriously 'hijacked' in mid-air on a flight to Great Britain. He is sent to investigate the shuttle's constructor Hugo Drax at his California base. By seducing Corinne, an employee of Drax, Bond learns that Drax hijacked the shuttle for a scheme. Both are found out and Corrine is killed ruthlessly whilst Bond escapes many attacks.Following Corinne's leads Bond goes to Venice and discovers a laboratory producing a mysterious gas. Whilst in Venice he reunites with Dr. Holly Goodhead (really a CIA agent) to whom hewas introduced in California. Both of them get to Rio and eventually find Drax's secret HQ in the Amazonian jungle (although by different means). They find out that Drax is using that gas to eliminate life on earth whilst governing his 'master race' on his radar-jammed space station. Bond and Holly escape death beneath a launching rocket and using Holly's astronautical skills (she is fully trained with NASA) they follow Drax into space. With the help of the US Marines (who are aware of the space station once Bond and Holly destroy its radar jammer) the space station, master race and Drax himself are destroyed and his domination ideas ruined.

Budget: $33m - Gross: $202.5m - Fastrac007 Rating: 76%

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