James Bond - Moonraker (1979)

In a sense, Moonraker provides Bond with little to do, as in You Only Live Twice, courtesy of all the hardware. However, all the usual elements are there, you only have to look for them... Bond the marksman, Bond the lover (thrice), Bond the globetrotter (California, Venice, Brazil), Bond the spy! (Venini Glass factory) etc... It's just that they are perhaps portrayed differently in this space-age extravaganza. No doubt, when you start to involves space in such a way, all the characters are going to be overwhelmed.

Like in The Spy Who Loved Me, and perhaps to do with the Christopher Wood screenplay, Bond is once more a laid back fellow who is not particularly phase by anything, let alone outer space.

Roger Moore, in his fourth outing as Bond, is allowed to return to the more comedic Bond of the first two films of his "reign", Live And Let Die and The Man With The Golden Gun. Evidence of this is boundless - look out for the one-liners and you wont have long to wait... Moore and Lonsdale appear to be having a verbal battle, with Moore obviously winning by the end of the film with the "Take a giant leap for mankind" before dispatching with Drax. Lets be fair to Moore though... four films in and not a lot is going to surprise you in a Bond shoot.

One thing about the Roger Moore films is his age. Alright, he did another three after this, but his age is beginning to show through, just a little (he was 51 when the film was made). Oddly enough, though, he looks his youngest when he comes out of the centifuge trainer, with all his hair abaout the place instead of being slicked back. This is somewhat reminisent of earlier roles such as in The Persuaders, and before...

Conclusion: Humour creeping in doesn't help Roger Moore, despite it being his forte. The films doesn't gel as well as the previous because he gets less screen time. Most of the things are done for him (shuttle autopilot, gadgetry etc...), and those which are not are used more to comic effect. At least we know that this Bond is as tough as the last - he gives Jaws a head-butt, but seems to regret it instantly! The next film would come as a bit of a shock, not just to the audience, but to Roger himself... here, he just seems to wallow in it all!


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