7 Best Bond Action Scenes

7 Best Bond Action Scenes

Check out the most unforgettable James Bond action scenes right here.

James Bond is not only known for romancing gorgeous ladies and his high-tech weaponry, but also for adrenaline-pumping sequences. A James Bond movie won’t be complete without the British super spy defying death with his stunts. Here is a listing of the best Bond action scenes:

  1. Ski Chase “ On Her Majesty’s Secret Service”

Skiing sequences have been done well in many Bond movies. Some of the flicks were skiing scenes were tastefully executed were “The Spy Who Loved Me,” “The Living Daylights,”  and “For Your Eyes Only.”  But the first skiing chase is perhaps the most memorable, with Agent 007 played by George Lazenby escaping nemesis Blofeld’s research clinic in the Swiss Alps.

Skiing down the mountains, Bond is pursued by Blofeld’s men. The scene was captured by Swiss winter Olympians who bomb down the mountain backwards while holding cameras. It’s so memorable that it served as the inspiration for an action scene in Christopher Nolan’s “Inception.”  Nolan is a self-proclaimed big fan of the said Bond movie.

  1. Orient Express Fight “From Russia with Love”

Bond has faced hundreds of bad guys in more than 20 flicks, but only a few villains are as tough as SPECTRE agent Red Grant, played by Robert Shaw. Bond was on board the Orient Express with Soviet cypher clerk Tatiana Romanova and Istanbul station head Kemi Bey when Grant posed as another agent. The latter eventually kills Bey and had the upper hand on Bond. But our favorite hero was able to even things out with a tear gas, setting off a three-minute mano-a-mano against Grant.

Interestingly, the amount of violence in this scene is still considered by many Bond fanatics to be the most gruesome in the film series.

  1. Speedboat Chase “Live and Let Die”

The first Roger Moore film as James Bond, “Live and Let Die” is rotted in mysticism but it still packs a lot of action highlighted by a thrilling speedboat chase.  Aside from brilliantly shot, the scene has some humour with Bond leaping over American officers. The speedboat chase would set the tone for the classic action that Bond films would be known for in the 70s.

  1. Boat Chase “The World is Not Enough”

“The World is Not Enough” may not be in the running for the best Bond movie of all time for its subpar action sequences and poor casting (hello, Denise Richards). But the first ten minutes of the movie is perhaps its saving grace, with Agent 007 heading off the Thames River after a British banker friend of M is killed inside the MI6 building.

Bond uses an experimental speedboat during the scene, before going on an amazing corkscrew jump. The speedboat then takes to land for a spell before Bond drops to the Millennium Dome from a hot air balloon.

  1. Parkour Opening “Casino Royale”

Casino Royale served as a reboot of the film franchise. Four years had passed after Pierce Brosnan left the film franchise, and the spy genre had a new action hero in Jason Bourne. Film producers knew they had to re-introduce Bond to a younger audience in a grand way.

Craig is introduced as the new Bond who chases down a bombmaker through Madagascar. Bond is referred to by M as the “blunt instrument.”

  1. Tank Chase “Goldeneye”

In this sequence, Bond and computer programmer Natalya escape from a Russian military camp. But Bond’s companion was grabbed by General Ourumov, forcing the super-agent to pursue them in a tank. In pursuit of the two, Bond’s tank goes through entire buildings and forces the police force to back down. The scene ends with a statue on the top of Bond’s transport.

  1. Saigon Chase “Tomorrow Never Dies”

This is James Bond at his best, with the spy and Waj Lin being pursued through the streets of Saigon on a motor bike. Both characters display  their skills as they are handcuffed together, with Michelle Yeoh showing  the stuff that made her endearing to millions of Bond fanatics.

These are just some of the most exciting Bond bits through the years.  Truly, the best Bond action scenes have made Agent 007 one of the most well-loved action heroes of all time.


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